After couple weeks of waiting, former Host of Geo TV’s Morning Show Utho Jago Pakistan (UJP), Shaista Wahidi is coming back. She will be in UJP 8 April Show. There is no confirmation that either she will come as Host or as Guest. Most probably she will rejoin this show as host. After his absence, Ahsan Khan and Sanam Jung well managed this show and people like their hosting style.

There is huge following of Shaista Wahidi but still many people are demanding Nadia Khan to host Morning show. Many People will also Miss Ahsan and Sanam but it’s too early to say who will host this show in future but Shaista Wahidi is strong candidate for this seat. Some People also raised question that why she was on leave? There were some personal reasons from her side which shouldn’t be disclosed openly, a media source told.

Shaista Wahidi will be live on this morning show at 11:00 AM PST and her fans can also talk to her by calling live in the show. After this update, Geo TV Administration is looking for increase in TRP of channel.