Shaista LodhiRenowned morning show host of Pakistani television industry Shaista Lodhi opened her mouth for the first time after alleged blasphemy attempt. Senior host of Pakistani television industry and anchorperson of Bol News, Mubashir Lucman has interviewed Shaista Lodhi, for his program Mei Jang. The promo of this show has been released in which Shaista Lodhi told full story behind that controversial show. While answering the questions regarding the alleged blasphemy attempt, Shaista Lodhi did not keep her emotions under control and tears were released from her eyes.

Shaista Lodhi also gave hard copies of all the email conversation with Geo TV owner Mir Shakil Ur Rehman, to Mubashir Lucman after that issue. She told that she had unaware of the whole situation and had only hosted the program according to the script. She said that it was basically fight between the two giant media groups of Pakistan after alleged blasphemy issue and she had been a victim of that fight. When Mubashir Lucman asked her that why Aamir Liaquat apologized on that issue, she answered that they are nothing to her and she didn’t care about them.

The show will be on aired soon from Bol News and it is expected that new facts will come out from this interview about the alleged controversy of blasphemy attempt.

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