Ayyan AliLahore High Court has ordered to release supermodel Ayyan Ali after approving her application of bail. On Tuesday, the proceeding of money laundering case held in Lahore High Court, by the two member bench, headed by Justice Anwar ul Haq in which honorable court has approved the bail application of Ayyan Ali and ordered the police to release her. After this order, supermodel Ayyan Ali will spend Eid days at her home with her family.

In today’s proceeding, legal council for the customs department presented the facts in front of court and said that that Ayyan Ali does not have the permission to take such a heavy amount with her. While Ayyan Ali lawyer Sardar Latif Khosa said that Ayyan Ali did not get boarding pass to travel Dubia, so how the Custom officials could said that she had been smuggling that money with her?

Sardar Latif Khosa also said that it was just a conspiracy against Ayyan Ali and she wanted to pay that money to his brother at Islamabad Airport. After hearing both the parties’ version, honorable court issued orders to release Ayyan Ali.

It is to be noted that Ayyan Ali was arrested on 14th March by the Custom officials in case of money laundering and 5 Lac Dollars were recovered from her on the spot.