Najam sethiSenior Journalist and ex- chairman PCB Najam Sethi will take up the office of President ICC in the upcoming week. The previous President Mustafa Kamal had to retire in July but due to some issues he resigned earlier.

ICC President is a ceremonial Position according to an Official of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the term of the president is one year all the member countries get a chance turn wise and as per the International tradition chairman of the respective board is nominated to be the President of ICC unlike Pakistan. Where a senior journalist and Analyst who is ratified by the Prime Minister is nominated for the position. Shahryar Khan himself voluntarily stepped down in favor of Najam Sethi. Spokesperson of the PCB himself said that Najam Sethi may not be able to take any steps which lead to return of International cricket to Pakistan as the position itself is ceremonial position.

Najam Sethi is a well-known and senior Journalist and Analyst who also served as Chairman PCB last year while his stay at PCB he gave PCB a new constitution which is more democratic he was appointed by the Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef. Two years back Najam Sethi was lauded with the highest civil award of Pakistan, Hilal-e-Pakistan.