Sataesh Khan who was previously known as the talented model, singer, and actress of Pakistan as he has left glamour and glitz of showbiz and has reverted towards Islam by changing her life style according to the teachings of Islam. Sataesh Khan started to feel more peace and less stress in life after joining an Alimah course which she started after getting motivated from her co-star Sara Chaudhry who had left showbiz and turned into fully religious woman.

Sataesh Khan who appeared in industry for a short span of time started to work in drama at 18 with her co-actors Sarah Chaudhry, Mariam Ali, Affan Waheed, Jamal and Layela as they had to remain on set for 15 days a month. On the sets, they all used to talk about Allah, HIS’s nature and HIS creation fortunately when they got free time to talk due to which they all motivated to pray. Sometimes Sataesh offered Namaz with them or sometimes she tried to make an excuse as she did not really feel like it because she was emotionally disturb at that time because of her family issues.

[alert style=”white”] The turning point of Sataesh Khan came when she started to realize what she has done in her life? [/alert]

She started to believe that she’s living a life of Kaafir because she is a Muslim only for name. She came to understand the reality of her life during this period where her co-star Mariam Ali and another other guy help out her to find the real herself. Sataesh Khan also received news about Sarah Chaudhry that she got married and has left showbiz at which Sataesh was very angry with Sarah for so long and didn’t speak to her for weeks. Sataesh Khan had also noticed Sarah on the set all alone in tears which seemed that she didn’t want to be there.

When Sarah Chaudhry after turning into religious woman told Sataesh Khan whole scenario and make her familiar real life of Muslim. Sataesh left into tears with many questions in her mind and her heart was agreeing on every point of Sarah which she was telling her.

Sataesh Khan Urooj Nasir Sara Chaudhry
From Left: Sataesh Khan Urooj Nasir Sara Chaudhry


[alert style=”white”] Just after that Sataesh watched famous documentary of Islam ‘The Arrivals’ due to which she started to take more interest in Islam ever since before. [/alert]

Sataeh’s feeling towards Islam started to increase day by day as she was also in contact with Sarah Chaudhry who also played an important part to take close her to Islam. By the grace of Allah Sataeh started to realize that she ha ruined herself into this meaningless world.

[alert style=”green”] Sataesh Khan’s life got completely changed on 9th January 2012, when she really came to know the real purpose of her life as well as her love for Allah and her Prophet became too strong which changed the purpose of her life and help her to become a real Muslim women. [/alert]

This journey of Sataesh Khan from actress to religious woman has embossed a great impact on her due to which she converted into a blessed religious woman who is making her life in paradise.