Saraiki Female Singer Haseena Khanum A famous folk singer Naseem Akhtar passed away on Sunday. She was around 65 years old. She sung a number of Punjabi Seraiki and Urdu songs which were famous in the country. She also got her name in anthems; Kafis and Ghazals. DG Radio Pakistan Murtaza Solangi gave rich honor to the singer and worded her

Haseena Khanum started singing at a teen age. She got recorded songs for Radio Pakistan, Multan, but after the opening of a radio station at Bahawalpur, she became the part of it and stayed attached with it till her sickness about five years ago.

Khanum and her friend Mumtaz Khanum sang for years Seraiki songs. Their pair was famous as “Haseena Mumtaz” and was really liked by audience in the functions and significant occasions prepared in the city.

She left behind ill husband Ramzan Shakir, a musician, and a son whereas she kept also daughters from her first husband. Parvez Khalid gave honor to Haseena Khanum for the services she made for Radio Pakistan.

A large number of people attended her funeral prayers for Haseena Mumtaz including, staff and artists of Radio Pakistan, Bahawalpur. She was placed to rest at Dera Nawab Sahib