Journalist Arshad SharifIslamabad: Famous television anchor and journalist Arshad Sharif has given out a Rs20 billion legal notice on PAT chief, Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri for annoyance and trying to shut up the alternative of the press through coercion and in violation of legal provisions. Barrister Shoaib Razzaq, in the legal notice forwarded to Dr Qadri’s lawyer Ali Zafar, said a journalist would not be powered to reveal his source as the same is a honored communication sheltered under Qanun-I-Shahadat Ordinance 1984.

The legal notice forwarded by Barrister Razzaq said Dr Qadri tried to discolor the reputation of his client and dishonored the Constitutional provisions linked to freedom of citizens by trying to strangle freedom of the press and media.

Barrister Razzaq said his client had moved up a question and created matter of actual statement with orientation to considering of Federal Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique with Dr Qadri and the same were a issued of public record. Moreover, he said his client had submitted to a statement of Raja Riaz, a leader of Pakistan People’s Party who is on record maintained that Dr Qadri had strike a contract to stop his Dharna.

Barrister Razzaq said his client took pleasure in excellent standing for honesty and integrity and the same had been broken by a spiteful legal notice. He insisted unqualified regret from Dr Qadri deteriorating which he would start legal proceedings and file a suit for damages and annoyance amounting to Rs20 billion.