Saleem_BukhariOne of the most senior journalists and news analyst of Pakistani media industry, Saleem Bukhari has used obsence word in live show. While giving his analysis on investigative system on crime in Pakistan, in ARY News program 11TH Hour, Saleem Bukhari has used immoral and inappropriate word for the parliamentarians. Host of the program Waseem Badami and other participants of the show Javed Chaudhry and Kashif Abbasi shocked while listening this word from Saleem Bukhari. They were not expecting this kind of word from a senior journalist, especially during live program.

When Saleem Bukhari used harsh word for parliamentarians in live show, program anchor Waseem Badami asked him to have some patience and took back his words. Waseem Badami said that all of us are also badly criticizing this system and corrupt elements in the parliament but not used any immoral and obscene word for anyone. He asked Saleem Bukhari took his words back and asked for apology from all the viewers. After this, Saleem Bukhari gave positive response and took his words back.

It is to be noted that this is not the first time that participant of television show has used obscene word in live show but we have seen several other bad examples previously. It is duty of PEMRA to take serious actions against this, in order to prevent viewers from listening such words during live shows.