Sahafi ColonyThe Journalist Colony Lahore which was founded in August 2005 with aim to provide shelter to homeless journalists needs high attention of Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif. The colony which is under development since 7 years is suffering from negligence of development work as it is very important to pay attention at this colony in order to complete the aim for which it has been founded.

The block B and C of the Journalist Colony could not be completed and no development work is doing in this regard. Moreover, worst cases of land mafia have not been completed which is filed in various courts due to slowdown and lack of interest of the Ministry of Law and Justice of Punjab. Journalists are believed to be an influential segment of the country but if journalists have to wait for seven years for justice so that how ordinary citizens can ask for justice?

In this context, Sahafi Colony needs high attention and concerns of Shahbaz Sharif as it is famous about him that if he decided to do any work then he possesses an ability to complete massive projects within days and weeks. Shahbaz Sharif should give deadline of one month and immediately give orders all the concerned Departments so that they can solve all the problems of the Journalist Colony as well as development work of the Colony can be completed at earliest.