Lahore: It is very sad to know that people are losing their lives while fighting for their right as we can see that today many organizations and people are making trouble for poorest segment by not given their salary on proper time. Similarly, Salim Ghayas who was senior journalists of Peshawar lost his life due to low financial condition as he was suffering from unpaid salary problems from one year.

With respect to the reports, Salim Ghayas was employer of Daily Pakistan of Mujeebur Rehman Shami who died due to of cardiac failure as he was very disturbed with his financial conditions. According to the statements of his co-workers, Salim Ghayas was facing great delay in his monthly salary from the duration of 1 year as the dues of him over organization was around 80,000. Recently after lots of efforts, Salim Ghayas was given only 9,000 on the event of Eid by Daily Pakistan Newspaper Administration.

The father of four children, Salim Ghayas became victim of exploitation by media owner due to which he was very dishearten and died in a very tragic condition. It is the time to stand against this injustice of organizations that are making trouble for their employees by not given their monthly salary on time in this high time of inflation. Veteran journalist Salim Ghayas is not the only case who has lost his life while fighting for his right, there are many people who are entangled with these situations.

Mujib ur Rahman Shami-daily-pakistan

It is an alarming situation for the government authorities and owners of organizations to pay attention at this most important matter of life of employees and make such policies for proper delivery of monthly salary because it is first right of every hard working employee.