Reham KhanFormer wife of Imran Khan and famous host of Pakistani television industry is looking upset after her divorce and showed example before her first show. During the recording of her new show “Tabdeeli Reham Khan Kay Sath”, Reham Khan gets angry on the co-staff and badly abused them. According to the sources, Reham Khan said that “When she slaps a man like Imran Khan then the staff is nothing”. The sources of media industry have claimed that Reham Khan is not looking happy with the team of her new show and its setup.

The main problem Reham Khan facing is that top and second top leadership of Pakistan Muslim League (PML N) have refused to participate in her show as a guest. While participation of any PTI politician is not possible in this situation when she has started criticizing Imran Khan and other popular PTI leaders. Only PPP leadership is looking interested to participate in her show but the problem is that the whole show cannot be conducted with the representation of only one party. This is the main reason behind the appearance of Asma Shirazi as a guest on first show.

The sources of Pakistani media industry have claimed that this new show will be ended after few months because of several valid reasons but there is also possibility of success if things will gone right.