pta logoIn the beginning of year 2015, around 60,000 websites were blocked by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), due to immoral and blasphemy content. PTA had gathered details of all the website which have pornographic and blasphemy content and blocked all the websites after receiving many complains from internet users all around the country. Pakistani parents were very happy due to this decision and thought that their children now can have informative and entertainment content on internet without any immoral and inappropriate content. Youtube was also included in the sites which were banned due to blasphemy content and the authority told that it would be soon opened after filtration.

Just after few months of this initiative, some blocked websites are still being watched by the internet users in Pakistan. If you search most visited websites from Pakistan o Google, you will found that immoral sites are still watched by the users and this is just because of carelessness of PTA. The authority needs to further update its system because there are many proxies on internet from which users can watch those websites.

PTA needs to ban all those websites which have immoral and blasphemy content and should have to update its system in order to check that whether these websites are still blocked or not.

In the end, it is to be noted that Youtube is still banned in Pakistan and the authority has failed to filter blasphemy content from it. Youtube is much needed website for all the internet users and especially students are facing many problems due to this. The authority should filter its content and open Youtube in Pakistan as much as it is possible.