Reema KhanOne of the most popular actresses of Pakistani film industry Reema is not interested to rejoin showbiz industry. According to the reports of Pakistani media industry, film actress Reema has said that she is not currently interested in rejoining Pakistani showbiz industry. In her recent interview, Reema Khan has said that she is busy in her married life and living a wonderful wife with her family. Reema Khan said that she cannot explain in words that she is so happy with her family. In March 2015, Reema Khan had blessed with a baby boy.

While talking about Pakistani film industry, Reema has said that there is need of taking practical actions to get out the film industry from crisis, despite of talking about the crisis. She said that it is bad luck of the film industry that people associated with it are not playing their part to get it out from the crisis. Reema said that all her focus is on her family nowadays and there are only few chances to return back to the film industry. Reema also said that she continuously prays for the boom of Pakistani film industry.

It is to be noted that Reema Khan is out of the showbiz industry since her marriage with US based Pakistani Doctor Tariq Shahab in 2011.