VaselineOne of the leading multinational cosmetics brand Vaseline is broadcasting new commercial in Pakistan which has been criticized widely by the people of Pakistan. In this new commercial of Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion, model is wearing immoral dress which is not according to our culture and tradition. On the official website of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, people have registered their complaints on this commercial. In their complaints, people have said that the dress wear by the model in this commercial is immoral and spreading vulgarity in the society. Recently, people have also demanded Sunsilk commercial to be banned in Pakistan.

On the official website of PEMRA, people have asked PEMRA to take some serious actions against the channels that are broadcasting this commercial and ban this in Pakistan. Vaseline commercial is also widely criticized by the people on social media as well and demands PEMRA to ban this immediately. People said that this commercial cannot be viewed with family and it is just western culture which is being promoted in Pakistan.

Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion commercial is edited from the Indian commercial, in which Nargis Fakhri is promoting this brand. But it is not even appropriate for the viewers in Pakistan.

It is to be noted that PEMRA is continuously taking some serious actions against vulgarity on media and hopefully complaints regarding Vaseline commercial will be also addressed by the authority.