Defence & strategic Studies, Rana Mubashir, held a widespread respect in journalism and is known as the pioneers of Investigative journalism in Pakistan. Rana holds a dynamic experience of field work which extends around 2 decades in his career.

Born to a well off family Rana has done his Initial academics in Federal Capital, while has got his Masters from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad,Rana has been associated with one of the Renowned Media Group in most of his career but has made some swift change in recent past and is now a days has been working as Director news in One of the Renowned News Channel.

Rana’s shows i.e. Rana Mubashir at Prime Time & Pakistan Chowk has been highly rated among viewers due to their sensitivity and locally but globally being watched by a mass number not only locally but globally as well, as they covers both social and human rights issues,.

Rana Mubashir has to face hardship in bringing what the fact behind the scene & during doing so he also had faced life threats and also got manhandled from government personals, but he still keeps on bringing to his viewers what’s been the essence of Journalism i.e. bringing untamed and true.