Federal Urdu UniversityKarachi: To provide maximum facilities for the students of Mass Communication Department, radio lab has been installed in Federal Urdu University Abdul Haq Campus. The newly installed radio laboratory in the Mass Communication Department of the university has been named for Yasir Rizvi, murdered professor of University of Karachi. In fact, the idea of the radio lab in the department was of the slain professor Yasir Rizvi, after analyzing the needs of the students of Mass Communication Department in Abdul Haq Campus.

“The first thought, the first step and the first brick are always the most difficult ones. That initiative was taken by Yasir,” faculty member Seemi Naghma said.

Newly installed lab is well equipped but to make it operational, supervisors, monitoring and technical staff is required in the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences and Technology. The radio lab consists of two rooms, one room is for recording and another one with a multi-track recording system is for mixing.

“In almost every private university, students have the opportunity to practice what they study,” project manager Irfan Aziz said.

This initiative has been taken for the training of the students to fulfill the basic needs of the media industry, in order to get jobs. Students would be able to make news at their own, after monitoring the news channels in the radio lab.

“Our aim is to make our students competent and able to address demands of the industry,” project manager Irfan Aziz added.