RabiaNews Caster Rabia Anum became angry over the comments of Siraj ul Haq. The famous news caster censured Siraj ul Haq the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Chief over his view on the issue of Lower Dir where Women didn’t casted their votes. JI won the seat in by-election of the constituency of PK-95, JI Chief was invited for interview so that his opinion may be known. The anchor asked the JI Chief Siraj ul Haq that why Women didn’t casted their vote in PK-95. Siraj ul Haq in reply to the question said that women of Lower Dir (PK-95) have better things to do rather than casting a vote.

After the Interview the renowned caster Rabia Anum tweeted that Women of Karachi are even called for Jalsas and they participate in Jalsas where as Women didn’t even need to vote in Lower Dir. Rabia criticized the duality in same matter. Rabia also criticized JI over the matter. Siraj ul Haq who earlier was part of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government as senior Minister later on resigned from the ministry in 2014.

Rabia’s Tweet

The JI Chief Siraj ul Haq is well known for his simplicity and good personality. He is a self-made hard working man who worked hard up in his way up to the Ameer of JI. He has served in provincial government in the past too, when MMA formed its government in KPK after the 2002 elections.