ZakootaThe famous Munna Lahori aka Zakoota Jin recently said that the news of death which was published by media was cause of hurt for him and his family and friends. He said that media should at least confirm a news before publishing it. Baseless news of his death not only was cause of hurt but also is a cause of dis-respect of him and artists too.

Zakoota said that he is ill these days, he doesn’t expects anything from anyone he added. He emphasized that the nation which doesn’t respects its artists can never make progress. Other artists also reacted on this fake news and said that they strongly condemned this act of publishing fake news. All the senior artists and the young artists too were angry over this act of irresponsibility by the Newspaper which published the fake news.

Zakoota Jin’s real name is Matloob ur Rehman he is also known as Munna Lahori. He got fame from the Drama ‘Ainak Wala Jin’. One of the favorite characters of children of that time was Zakoota Jinn. Even today Zakoota Jinn is also famous. ‘Ainak wala Jin’ it was telecasted from 1993 to 1996 on Pakistan Television.