At it has been pointed out, once the press is free from any pressure, it can fully serve the public. It is, therefore, evident that the press can perform its service only in a society which ensures its freedom. ”Democracy is more than a design for government; it is a dynamic social philosophy which puts human value first… Democracy is a cooperative process of social adjustment by means of which free men as equals can build a just and human civilization.” (Wolseley and Campbell; Exploring journalism) viewing all these qualities of democracy, it is believed that only under this system the freedom of the press will be ensured and, eventually, the press will function successfully.

In a democratic system, the press will provide all the people with an unbiased flow of public information and public opinion and, thus, make /them discover the truth. Once the people have free access to the truth, they can serve society,, of course, a free society.

In a restricted society, the press is forced to project a picture favourable to the influential groups. The more the press deceives the people the greater the benefit to the interested group and not to the public. The press, then, becomes an instrument of the state orany other interested group.

Since the press is subjected to the condition of the society, the state of the press will naturally reflect the characteristics of that society. The perfect press represents the perfect society and, no doubt, the decayed press reflects the decayed society.