Court proceedings: Proceedings of any court, tribunal and other judicial or quasijudicial body, if forbidden by the presiding officer, shall not be published. Actionable Offences: Fifteen offences are listed in Section 24(1) on which action could be taken. These include incitement to violence, approval of to excite unhealthy curiosity or an urge to imitation, black mailing, incitement to interfere with the administration of law or with the maintenance of law and order, indecent obscene, sacrilous or defamatory matter, spreading of false rumours, condemning creation of Pakistan or advocating curtailment or abolition of her sovereignty.

Bringing to hatred or contempt the government establish by law, exciting feelings of enmity or hatred or contempt against the Government established by law, exciting feelings of enmity or hatred between various segments of Pakistan’s population, intention to. bring into hatred contempt or disaffection to the ruler of an acceding state, prejudicing maintenance of friendly relations with any foreign state, seducing or undermining the morale or inducing public servants to forbear or delay the exercise of his public functions or inducing one to resign.

Six explanations follow of which two are comparatively more important. One allows comments expressing disapprobation of any measure of the Government with a view to obtaining their alteration by lawful means, or any action of the government, administrative or otherwise, without attempting to ments or comments made without malicious intention for the purpose of helping or advocating the progress of any province or region or the furtherance of its legitimate , interests or for securing removal of any factors tending to create or excite enmity, ill will or hatred among various segments of population.