sunsilk-new-commercialTwitter a social networking service famous for its trending all over the world and raise the hot issues of the social networking. Recent trend have emerge in Pakistan #ShameOnPEMRA_Sunsilk. It is about Sunsilk shampoo new advertisement known as “Shining Day to knight”. Sunsilk is the brand shampoo produced by Unilever grouped.

In this advertisement Sunsilk describes that girls shine day to night that’s why they need log lasting shine Sunsilk also question society that why boys are allowed to go out at night but girls are not allowed to go out at night.

Actually this trend is putting balm on PEMRA for not doing their duty and allowing this type of advertisement which are opposing our culture norms and ethics tenders claims that these types of advertisements are spoiling our cultural and religious norms. Many people are claiming ban on these type of advertisement because they find it vulgar and unethical.

On other hand there are some people who didn’t find this advertisement offensive, they claims there are many important issues in society need to be highlighted more than this like honor Killing, Child Labor  and Child abuse.