Penalties Imposed On 36 Pakistani Channels on Immoral Program

vulgar text on tvIslamabad: The Government of Pakistan has charged a fine of Rs one million on 36 channels. These channels have been fine for showing vulgar programs and commercials of foreign country. In National Assembly government presented a list of these channels. The list was presented in the answer of the question of Jamat-e-Islami MNA Sher Akbar Khan. He wants to know that channels are following the rules according to PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority).

In his reply, Minister for information broadcasting and national Heritage Pervaiz Rashid said that we broadcast all programs according to the rules of PEMRA. Our Pakistani media should broadcast those programs which are according to the rules of PEMRA. But our Pakistani channels are showing too much vulgarity in their channels. Vulgarity is spreading rapidly through these channels.

Pakistani channels are not supposed to show these types of shameless programs. They show vulgar dramas, songs and shows on their channels. It does not seem that we are watching Pakistani channels, due to vulgarity. These channels should think about it that they are showing their programs in all over the world. Everybody knows that we belong to Islamic country, but unfortunately our channels are trying to copy the foreign channels. They are showing their tradition instead of Pakistani tradition.

Here is the List of channels, which faced fine.

  • 8xm
  • Geo Entertainment
  • Jalwa
  • Apna TV
  • TV One
  • Oxygen
  • Play TV
  • Koh-e-Noor
  • Hum TV
  • Silver screen
  • Filmax
  • Film World
  • Filmazia
  • KTN
  • Sachal
  • Starlite
  • Sindhi TV
  • Aruj TV
  • Khyber News
  • ARY news
  • Ravi TV
  • Channel-5
  • Rohi TV
  • Royal TV
  • Vibe TV
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  1. waseem sheikh says:

    bht he acha ko bund hona chahye ye brgherat pakistani saqafat khrab kr re hn..

  2. Samina kazmi says:


  3. prof.Azher Naveed says:

    the only regret able thing is unjustice to geo from the govt.why only Geo ?

  4. Ali wattoo says:

    This is a great decision

  5. Muhammad ikram says:

    onley ptv best

  6. qasim says:

    nice job by gov.

  7. yousaf says:

    ptv is the best channel

  8. faheem khan says:

    good for betterment of country

  9. muhammadibraheem says:

    its shame for our country ?

  10. Jamshid Iqbal says:

    Good action taken by the government against these tv chanels.

  11. Abeedul haq says:

    The fine is so less’ the PEMRA should close these channels permanently.

  12. Syed Hazir Hussain says:

    Excellent Decision but fine is too low penality should be high

  13. TARIQ says:


  14. Amjad says:

    I think we should ban these channels

  15. Faisal says:

    zbasdats….parh k khushi hoe….

  16. PAKISTAN GAR says:


  17. Kashi Babu says:

    Assalam Alaikum Phir B Channel Open nai hona chahiy han Lalachi he Goverment Humari kahan Aqal kam kreygi bs Allah hi samajh ata krey sbko !!!!

  18. Asif Raza says:

    sb Golian De Rahey hen Allahh ka to Darr he hi nahi kisi ko Bs Allah sbko Hadayat De Ameeeennnn

  19. munir says:

    Very very good decision

  20. JAVED REHMAN says:

    Its is not enough. it should be 5 million pounds

  21. shahid says:

    bohot kushi hoi in ko band karna chahiye

  22. Tayyaba khan says:

    good decision 🙂 🙂 (Y) (Y)

  23. Azhar says:

    Asslaamoalikum …. We should use the media in Islamic rules…..

  24. Rani baba says:

    they deserve it so puneshed……its an awsome step taken for thiei mistake

  25. Farhan khan says:

    Assalam alikom yah bath such ha k geo or baki chanel or takriban sub chenal par fahashi dikhay ja rahi ha liken bath yah ha k geo per pabandi ladni chay wo is lya k geo n 8 hour isi k cheif or ahle baite key gustakhi key key or pher os jaize kahtay rahay bad main kisi n akal dee tu bhi sheekil ur raman n mafi nahi mangi is lya baki chenal fahsi or geo fahasi k sath gadari or gustakhi ahlebaite ka kaure war ha or

  26. ghsaeed says:

    I really appreciate the decision. Fine is not enough, such channels must be banned for ever. Being true Muslim it is our moral duty to hate such tv channels.

  27. omer says:

    Good decision

  28. Gohar says:

    Not should be penalty, should be banned for ever.

  29. Iftikhar Shah Gilani says:

    Beside imposed fine on these channels should also be banned for this volgarity to set cod of ethics .

  30. sonia irfan says:

    bohot acha hua shukar hy ALLAH ka kissi ny toh awaz uthae sirf geo e nhi dhiaro chanels ye sb chezain dikha rhy hain indian r turkish culture dikha rhy hain ,, hmaray tmam tr chanels JOSH ka comercial dikha k mzeeed pakistan ko vulger kr rhy, khuda k liye aisi baato ki mukhalifat krna hmara fareeeza hy ,in sb ki jaga hmari holi places ki documentary dikhani chahye

  31. looks says:

    need to close all private tv channel

  32. Syed Ahmad shah says:

    Good, Please control it before Ramdhan Mubarik,……

  33. shireen khan says:

    decision is good but what is more important is the monitoring of these channels.public can play an important role in this regard.

  34. yasmeen_dua says:

    well done morning shows must be banned

  35. Ghulam Rasool says:

    Ye boht acha kadam uthaya ha i like it very much

  36. naseer ullah says:

    great decision

  37. Waqas Ali says:

    Very goog

  38. aijaz ahmed says:

    pemra walo ko abhi yad aya jb un k nani channel geo ko band krdia gya

  39. MUHAMMAD IRFAN says:


  40. ammara perveen says:

    very GUD
    bohat acha kam kiya aisa kam hy jisy her musalman pasand karta hy.punjab GOV ka ye acha kam hmaisha yad rhy ga. GOD bless you.ameen

  41. Shoaib says:


  42. Saeed Zafar says:

    Government and PEMRA should also check if the fine on channels is working. They are still showing vulgar indian ads of hair removing creams, fresh-up toothpaste, condoms and etc.

  43. Masood Asharf says:

    Without any scrutiny and censer, no news no program even talk shows should be own air,.. but their is no check and balance.. only a race ( this news on air by us first) bull shit.

  44. Faisal Shabeer says:

    Gud decision

  45. Shahzad Aslam says:

    I think government should do much more in this regard, the broke rules and regulation made by a government institute PEMRA. It means they broke right of government. and so far as our MNA jamat e Islami concern they are too late because it is happening since a decade and in the mean time a generation have took badly effect from it. who they will vanish such worst effect from the mind of such generation.

  46. Muhammad Sohaib says:

    sanam bloch is a bad girl

  47. faizan says:

    this step which has been taken by our government is so commendable because by doing so every channel should follow our tradition instead of adopting the foreign’s tradition.

  48. Ashfaq says:

    Slut to Jamat e Islami’s MNA, hats off <3

  49. Murtaza says:

    Well done

  50. Mahroz Ali says:

    Those mother — & sick minders should get big plenty. It’s noting for them but still happy at least something happen in kind of good. Great job.

  51. Naveed Anwer Khan says:

    koi zaruratt nhi ye krny ki GEO py sirf 1 corore ka jurmana lgaya ye saza hy Mohammad S.A.A,W k khandaan ki bezatti krny ki………ye dramay krty hain pemra waly hukumat waly…. ye bewakoofo ko khush krny k lye inho ny aisa kia likin jis ko asli saza deni thi vo freeee

  52. MarviSarmad says:

    just one million Rs. So they do it again and again?? they get US AID to do so isnt it?

  53. sehra says:

    Nice decision

  54. Syed malook shah says:

    May be very strict for spreading volgarity.

  55. Syed malook shah says:

    Gud decision

  56. talha khan says:

    very good decision. But fine is very small.

  57. M. Younus says:

    Its is not enough. it should be 1 million pounds

  58. saith furqan says:

    Ary music also

  59. hadi says:

    Aruj chanel is totally vulgur
    Should be completely banned
    They have been showing Disgusting material

  60. Muhmmad Nisar Afridi.. says:

    Welldon sir…

  61. Mubashir says:

    i think fine is very short for them.

  62. Hammad says:

    Salute if it’s truth

  63. faran says:

    i think dis is very gud decision especially jew(geo) tv sh0uld ban in pak

  64. haseeb ismail says:

    This is a Good Decision to about our chinnals.My love is to our pakistani Govert.

  65. qurban ali says:

    if this news is true then its a great deed by jumat e islami mna to bring the resolution salute to him

  66. Haidar Ali says:

    Good decision about these tv channel. .

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