Islamabad: Raza Rumi the journalist and anchor of Express channel said that he is about to be off from the screen for a while. Anchor Rumi had a narrow escaped in a gun attack last month. But unfortunately his driver Mustafa died and the guard got injured. I can’t put the others life in danger, while saving my life, he expressed.

Rumi hosts the program “Khabar Se Aagay” on Express News. He got the gun attack on 28th March around Raja market in Lahore, while he was going back to his home. He is quite upset from the way media behaves with him. He is blamed that he attempts to kill himself for some reason by the disbelievers. Our media is not doing anything to save the lives of journalist.

[alert style=”white”] Our journalists are trying their best for the sake of our country, but unfortunately nobody is doing best to save their life. [/alert]

Anchor Raza RumiJournalist’s lives are insecure in Pakistan that’s why Raza is taking this action. Our Government should take any action to give them relief; otherwise there will be no journalist.