PEMRA_logoPakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) recently issued direction to all TV channels to make sure that they do not use respectable titles with Terrorists Names. Prefixing respectable titles with the names of terrorists is disrespect of the sacred titles and is equivalent to glorification of terrorists and terrorism. This step which should have been taken a lot earlier has now been taken.

The directive further read that respectable titles and qualifications like Engineer, Doctor, Qari, Maulana, Mufti, Moulvi, Hafiz and etc. should not be prefixed with the names of those who are involved in terrorist activities. This recent letter has been issued at such a time when Military leadership and Political leadership have resolved to completely eradicate terrorism from the country. Although Military and Para-Military forces are engaging the terrorists not only in Tribal Areas but with the help of local Administration and Police in urban areas too which also include the Metropolitan city Karachi. The war cannot only be won with weapons.

A number of steps along with the Military action are also required to eradicate terrorism from our beloved homeland. Keeping in view the current situation of the country the Government has decided to run an extensive campaign over all the TV channels to disprove the terrorists and in addition to uncover their bad intentions.