The New York Times published an Article which is uncovering the business Axact is carrying out from its headquarters in Pakistan. That article sparked a new discussion on the Pakistani Media too. The article claims that Axact is a Diploma Mill issuing thousands of fake certificates, Diplomas and Degrees online. Axact owns a big education empire which consists of 100s of High Schools and Universities. The Universities themselves offer Degrees from Bachelors up to Doctorate level.

The Degrees are offered almost in all disciplines ranging from Nursing to Engineering, Business Administration to Aeronautical. Axact is earning tens of Millions of Dollars through its Fake Degree Mill. The Universities have websites with elegant titles and Shining logo along with Pictures of Professors and the campus. The report says that no such campus exists and all the professors are paid actors. To make it look more real and more authentic they have even endorsed it with CNN logo, which in reality is CNN report a platform where the public can post some news which are never checked by CNN itself before they go public.

[alert style=”white”] Video Testimonials along with State Department authentication certificates bearing the signature of Secretary of State John Kerry. [/alert]

axact-logoAll the universities actually are linked to same accreditation body if closely examined, which itself doesn’t exists. The authentication certificates cost thousands in Dollars which claim to make the degree or diploma to be acceptable worldwide. The virtual network of the academic institutes is about 370 websites in size.  The fees are paid through different currencies which ultimately reach the Axact’s headquarter in Karachi.

Axact is operating as a software company but it earns a very small amount of money through that, the major earning is through selling these fake diplomas and degrees. The group offers extra ordinary perks to the employees. Moreover Axact is nearing the launch of its TV Channel and Newspaper. Huge investments in the media network itself have raised questions. Big incomes from Degree Mill are surely a big part of the revenues earned. Axact has hired a lot of people from the media Industry for its upcoming TV Channel.

[alert style=”white”] Axact’s official response to the article was, declaring the article to be defamatory for Axact Group. [/alert]

Axact not only condemned the article but also termed the article to be a baseless, maligning and substandard. The response further maintained that the writer was made to leave Pakistan on the directives of Government of Pakistan because of his work which was equivalent to being against the National Interest. The Reply further read that New York Times is partnered with Express Media Group in Pakistan and all this is done by the consent of Express Media group. The release also stated that already numbers of cases are pending against the Express Media group.