Sobia KhanPashto actress Sobia Khan is about to get married, according to the actress she is going to leave showbiz after her marriage. Having inspired from actress Veena Malik, Meera, Reema and Deedar, actress Sobia also decided to get married. Sobia took a good decision of getting married. Actress Sobia is a beautiful model and actress of Pakistan.

Sobia did several films and her first film “kafir” made her a super star in a wink of an eye. She came in showbiz in very young age. Actress Sobia Khan was born in Karachi on 3 July, 1991 and she got her early education from Karachi after that her family moved to Lahore. Actress is a wonderful performer of Pakistan. Her name is included among the beautiful actresses of Pakistan.

Sobia’s performance is indeed good; actress has the ability to perform on every type of roles. Her pretty face and figure is quite suitable for modeling and acting both. She is the perfect lady of showbiz, her fans like her a lot. Actress is good at dancing as well. She is considered to be the best actress of Pakistan.