Kanwal NaumanLahore: Actress and MPA (Master Of Public Administration) Kanwal Nauman said that Pakistani drama industry is getting progress day by day. Actress praised about the Punjabi drama “Khechal”. She said that, this is the best drama of Pakistan and actors of this drama also performed well. Actor Javed Iqbal, Binish, Aurangzeb Laghari, Madhu, Aeny Tahir, Sadaf Bhatti and director Sajjad Bukhari etc acted in this drama.

According to the actress we should concentrate on our culture, it is necessary, while making dramas and we have to promote our culture through our programs. Actress further said that India is showing their culture in their dramas and their culture is known in all over the world. If Pakistani actors get big platform, they will definitely get progress. Actors should be given convenience by the government, actress expressed.

Actress Kanwal Nauman is a well-known actress of Pakistan did several dramas of Pakistan. She was famous for the best acting in negative and positive roles. Actress lives in Model Town in Lahore, she is the member of Home Affairs, Special education. She also belongs to Pakistan Muslim League, her basic qualification is FSC.