pashto1 tv channel logoPakistani Pashto channel name Pashto 1 TV has been launched. The test transmission of Pashto channel has started on Asia sat. This is an entertainment channel in Pashto language. This is very good decision to start Pashto channel for Pashto people. There are so many channels in Pakistan in different languages which are good for everyone because everyone can’t understand Urdu language in Pakistan.

There are so many entertainment channels which are entertaining us; Pashto is also an entertaining channel and good to entertain Pashto people. Launching of this channel is the good news for Pashto people. Entertainment channels show so many dramas, shows, morning shows, comedy dramas; program of religion, movies and people can get knowledge by watching them and have fun as well.

Pashto channel also show different programs of entertaining and for knowledge as well. Channels in different language are good for everyone. People get happy when they watch program in their own language. Pashto people must be happy, having seen the channel in their own language. Channels in different languages are the best way to entertain everyone.

Here Channel Downlink Frequency Details:

Satellite:  AsiaSat-3S at 105.5E

Frequency: 4078

Symbol Rate: 3185

Polarity: Horizontal

FEC: 3 / 4

Official Website: