Lahore: Television and film actress Maria Wasti says that she is not interested in working for politics at all. People should work for politics, which belongs to politics, but other people should not try to take part in politics, Maria expressed. Maria has got a lot of progress in the field of showbiz and wants to remain in showbiz.

Actress maria wastiMaria says that people should do those works, in which they have got experience to work. Actress has got a lot of experience in the field showbiz; she has been working in this field for long time. Actress Maria is the best actress of Pakistan, she has worked in several dramas of Pakistan. Every types of role suit her a lot and she is able to perform every types of role. Maria is very good at acting, no doubt. She is the famous actress of Pakistan and got a lot of fame.

Maria started her acting career from the drama of PTV “Sarah Aur Ammara” along with the Pakistani film actress Resham. She often does sad roles of Pakistani woman, who faces problems and these types of roles suits her a lot.