Pakistani nation has found another reason to celebrate people trend Rs 8.48 in Pakistan. The reason behind this trend is the cuts price of petrol per liter by 8.48 Rs. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday announced a reduction in prices of all petroleum-related products.

People celebrate the relief from the government on twitter. Previously, On Jan 31, the federal government had slashed the per liter price of petrol by Rs5 for the month of February, which brought its price at Rs 71.25 per liter.

Issued statement from PM House stated that the petrol prices are being reduced by Rs 8.48 per liter. Price of High Speed Diesel has been decreased by Rs 4.67 per liter while Light Diesel Oil and Hi-Octane have seen a reduction of Rs 1.97 and Rs 2.98 per liter.

But there were no deduction of price in Kerosene oil. According to the report OGRA (Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority) recommendation for increase of Rs 1.66 in per liter price of kerosene oil but the recommendation has been rejected by the government.

People on social media appreciate this move by government and some are expecting the continuation of this deduction and up gradation in the economy of the country.

According to new rates CNG has become more expensive than petrol.

Twitter is a famous trending social networking service which is use for updates and current affairs it is a trend making network and it connect people around the world. It is unique that the figure of the deduction of price is trending on social media that shows the excitement of people on all over social media.