pistols1Lahore: Pakistani stage actresses have started to carry weapons for security purpose because of increasing terrorism in the country. According to the details, terrorism is threatening everyone as many artists have been attacked by the terrorists and some of the artists are receiving life threats due to which several stage actresses have decided to carry weapons with them.

By keeping in view this situation, numbers of stage actresses like Saima Khan, Nida Chaudhry, Khusboo, Mahnoor and others have begun to carry weapons as some of these actresses are also carrying pistol for security. Stage actresses have said in this regard that many artists have been receiving threats at this time and everyone has the right to protect his life as we and our homes our homes have been attacked several times so it is necessary to carry weapons for safety precautions.

It is worth mentioning that stage actress Nargis’s house has been attacked by some unidentified in Lahore as well as Saima Khan has also became victim of terrorism as she was injured in an attack. Firing incident has also been took place at Honey Shahzadi‘s house in which her sister-in-law lost her life. Similarly stage actress Mahnoor’s house was also attacked by some unidentified men.