Noman_IjazLahore: Famous and versatile actor Noman Ijaz is going to perform Hajj this year as he will leave for Saudi Arabia today. According to the details, Noman Ijaz will return in the second week of next month from Saudi Arabia after performing Hajj. I’m lucky enough that Allah has called me to his home and I’m really happy for that, Noman Ijaz added.

Noman Ijaz further said that he is very thankful to Allah who has given him blissful opportunity as it is up to the Allah whom he gives this opportunity to visit His house. Actor Noman also added that I have seen such people who have enormous wealth, but they do not get call by Allah. Hajj is obligatory upon the Muslims, but it is also a big test, Noman Ijaz commented. [alert style=”red”]I will offer special prayers for the safety of my country during the hajj, Noman Ijaz added.[/alert]

The 49-years old veteran actor said that my heartfelt wish is that I can make connection with Allah for a lifetime as Hajj is the best way to make stronger bond with Allah. Noman Ijaz is currently hosting a show on PTV Home as well as he is also appearing in many dramas on different channels.