Pakistani front music man Javed Bashir is busy with some projects in India. Latterly, he sang a song called “Aao MohabbatKe Gun Gaaye” with Shankar Mahadevan. The man represents the sensations of warm feelings and love united by 2 states.

Farhat put pen the tune to paper and Javed got Shankar Mahadevan to resonate it with him. Javed also approaches to dischargeanaudiovisual for the track.

Javednarticulated about the adoration and response he got from India, he couldn’tspeak you how much love has acknowledged from folks in India.Javed Bashir singer[alert style=”white”] The Pakistani singer says that If Pakistan is my 1st home, India is my 2nd[/alert]

And he also shared the advantages of singing in India as being going popular in the whole world. In approaching days, you’ll recognize Javed Basir’slabor with Pritam, Shankar, Ehsaan and abrand album with Famat Shehzad.

Many among people in Pakistan do not take this as a positive sign, when Pakistani stars energize themselves for working in the Bollywood.