shazia shahShazia Shah is a Pakistani model and actress, she has always had desires to become a model and she is quite happy for that her dream came true. She also worked in several dramas of Pakistan. According to the model if she has not been a model, she would have been an electronics engineer as she studied for that.

Not only Shazia is doing modeling but also she is still studying. Model is so sweet and stylish too. She is quite inspired from Nadia Hussain, Mahnoor Baloch and Iraj Manzoor. Shazia normally wears jeans and Tee shirts and on off days she likes to wear Shalwar Qameez. She likes to carry loose curls hair style and she looks good in loose curly hairs.

Model Shazia keeps her everything in her hand bags and she takes her hand bag with her where ever she goes. Her favorite fragrance is floral and beauty. According to the model she is not extravagant at all she is quite frugal. Shazia is doing well in the field of showbiz and getting progress gradually. Actress looks good in modeling and acting both and got a lot of fans.