alizeh rahim shiraziAlyzeh Rahim Shirazi is an editor at beauty fruity/ blurbs and also founder and designer at Arsazi; official/blogger for the Toni and Guy HMW style collective and also beauty and fashion editor at OK! Mag. She is considered to be the best designer and model of Pakistan of Pakistan.

Alyzeh is not only a good fashion designer but also she is good looking and looks good in every types of dresses she wears. Her curly brown hairs and brown eyes suit her a lot. She is also known as Aly. Alyzeh makes very stylish bows and ties her designs are quite famous in Pakistan. She is a well educated designer Masters of Marketing, UNSW (University Of New South Whales) The Australian School of business.

Alyzeh also gives different styles to the girls, she has the ability of grooming the person and she tries her best to give the good look. She makes the girls more stylish by grooming them. Her dresses are quite unique, which also help to bring resolution in a person. Her makeup is also quite perfect and she grooms the girl according to their faces. People extremely like the way she grooms the girls.