Geo-aired-mapProtest continues on the social media over the map which didn’t had Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir.  Few days back Shahzeb Khanzada in his prime time show ‘Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada ke sath’ at Geo News was talking to different politicians about the Pakistan – China Trade corridor. While the program continued, in the background the map of Pakistan was visible showing the map is not something unusual or bad. The map had Azad Kashmir and Disputed Kashmir area omitted. Gilgit Baltistan Region was also not shown in the map. This action of Geo News resulted in havoc as patriotic Pakistani went furious against Geo News.

This was not the first time that Geo showed this map, the same also happened few years back in ‘Aaj Kamran Khan ke sath’ similar type of map was also shown then, Geo Faced extreme criticism and they were termed as enemies of Pakistan. Geo didn’t learned any lesson from its past mistakes. Patriotic Pakistanis are reacting over the matter on social media along with social media activists as they strongly condemn this action of Geo News.

Shahzeb Khanzada right on the next day before starting his program gave clarifications regarding the map but didn’t apologized. He said that it happens when our team takes the Images from the Internet that are already there, he further clarified that same type of Image is present on National Highway Authority’s website too and he claimed that originally this picture was published by Dawn and we took it from there.