Samaa_Reporter_AttackFaisalabad: Samaa female reporter was tortured in Faisalabad on Saturday, while cameraman is badly injured. According to the reports of Pakistani media industry, an unidentified teenager riding a motorcycle misbehaved with Samaa reporter from Faisalabad Shehnaz Mehmood and cameraman Abid Minhas beaten badly by him during coverage. Samaa TV reported that teenager was riding a police motorcycle. Incident took place when Samaa team was busy in its journalistic duties. After this incident, injured cameraman and female reporter were taken live by Samaa TV and shared the whole story with the viewers. On the other hand, Faisalabad Police is giving VIP treatment to the suspected teenager in the police station.

Different journalistic associations have condemned attack on Samaa TV reporter and cameraman and asked the law enforcement agencies to take some serious actions against suspected person. In the recent months, attack on journalists has increased all over the country and many journalists have been killed or injured in several attacks. Unfortunately, most of the suspects involved in these attacks are free and no action has taken by the law enforcement agencies to arrest them.

It is to be noted that journalists working on the field in Pakistan, face man problems during the duty and government or media organizations have failed to protect them.