Bol_Affectees_CommitteeAfter shutdown of Bol News, around 2 thousands journalists associated with the channel have affected and they were protesting from the last few days because of non-payment of their salaries for the last 6 months and unemployment. But now Karachi Press Club has formed a committee to help Bol employees in order to get them paid their outstanding salaries. According to the reports, dozens of Bol workers have protest during a meeting at Karachi Press Club and registered their symbolic protest against non-payment of their salaries. During this meeting, 5-member Bol Affectees Committee has been formed.

According to the sources of Karachi Press Club, senior reporter Akhar Shaheen Rind, senior court reporter Raja Saqib, senior court reporter Jawwad Shoaib, senior cameraman Sohail Fareed and senior assignment editor Yaseen Bakhsi are part of Bol Affectees Committee. This committee will take some serious actions with the collaboration of Bol Action Committee, joint forum formed by Karachi Press Club, so that Bol employees would receive their outstanding. Karachi Press Club has also setup a protest camp where Bol employees will be gathered daily from 4 to 6pm, to protest against non-payment.

Bol_Affectees_Committee_1The committee has also decided to file a petition in Supreme Court on humanitarian grounds, with the purpose of payments of dues to Bol employees. Meeting was consisting of 3 sessions, and in the last session, General Secretary of Karachi Press Club Alauddin Khanzada showed his full support with Bol Wala’s and told that he had already agreed Rasheed A. Rizvi to fight this case without any fees. In the previous session senior journalists of Bol News, Nazeer Leghari and Faisal Aziz also joined the meeting and said that Bol workers should move forward with this movement, they will fully support them.

Bol_Affectees_Committee_2All the Bol employees have asked by the committee to submit copies of first page of their contract letter, copy of their ID cards and copy of office cards, to committee member Sohail Fareed. All the Bol employees can sumbit these documents to Sohail Fareed, who will be at Karachi Press Club daily from 4 to 6pm.

Bol_Affectees_Committee_3Bol News had shutdown all its offices after Eid ul Azha, and employees have not taken into confidence on this step. The management has not issued salaries of all the employees from the last six months. Previously it was reported that FIA had announced to unfreeze salary account of Bol News in order to issue salaries to all the employees but no such action has taken yet in this regards.