TasminaPakistani Actress Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh recently elected as Scottish Member of Parliament. Tasmina won elections in two constituencies in Scotland, she won with a clear majority as she secured 26,620 votes. Tasmina fought the elections representing Scottish National Party (SNP). Her Party secured total 56 seats in the recent elections. She got lead of 10,000 votes on Gordon Banks of Labour Party. Labour Party had to face defeat in Ochil and South Perthshire two Scottish Constituencies.

Tasmina had been appearing on the screen in different roles in Drama Serials at Pakistan Television. Her famous serials include ‘Aansoo’ and ‘Des Pardes’. After leaving Showbiz career she actively Managed Women’s Right Group in Scotland and at the same time took Interest in Politics of UK and started to actively participate in the Politics. She also regularly writes as a columnist in Scoatland’s daily Newspaper ‘The National’.

Tasmina was born in Chelsea to Pakistani Father and European Mother. She was raised in Edinburgh. Her Father was the first Asian Councillor who got elected in Scotland in 1986 for New Town on Lothian Regional Council, from the platform of Conservative Party. Tasmina is also a Businesswoman and a solicitor and is Partner of one of the Law firms.