zara akbarFamous Actress Zara Akbar announced that she will not support any political party and she will keep herself out from any sort of political activities. Zara Akbar was of the view that Artists should avoid politics and focus on their performance. She added that Artists are non-political by nature. She clearly announced that she will not support any Political Party. Her support will be only with those parties which really are working for the welfare of the citizens.

Zara Akbar said that she is fed up from the politicians who don’t keep their promises and don’t realize their words. Actions are very few but words and promises are sky high. She sound disappointed from the Pakistani politics. She expressed her view and said that only the party which is working for the welfare of the people of Pakistan will be elected not just once but number of times but some sincere hard work from the party’s end is the condition. Zara said that she respects everyone and all the political parties have the right to Govern Pakistan once they are elected.

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The Artists and Showbiz related people should come together and sit to discuss the problems being faced by the Artists in Pakistan and efforts should be made to solve those problems. Zara Akbar is a famous Actor who has starred in multiple Dramas in PTV and is also famous for starring in theater plays.

[alert style=”white”] It’s worth mentioning here that few months ago Zara announced to join Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf. [/alert]