Pakistani Actress LailaLahore: Pakistani film actress Laila is about to work in reality show of Waqar Zaka “Desi Kuriyan”. Waqar is the writer and director of this show. This show will be recorded in the village near Bahawalpur. Different models are also casted for this show. The reality show “Desi Kuriyan” is the famous Pakistani reality show hosted by Waqar Zaka.

Waqar makes model and actress to do dare and make them do different tough activities in his reality show: Desi Kuriyan”. Pakistani Actress Laila is also want to show that she is daring by working in this reality show. She is a Pakistani film actress, she has worked in several movies and now she is working in reality show of Waqar Zaka. Waqar Zaka has been doing daring show for long time; He also made the famous host of Pakistan Shaista Lodhi to do dare by kissing snake.

The show “Desi Kuriyan” brings different segments in show. Actresses and models also enjoy, while working in this show. Sometimes they fight with each other, while working. This show is quite different from other shows. People also enjoy watching this show.