Hina DilpazeerKarachi: Famous TV Actress Hina Dilpazeer has said that she does not want to work in movies at all. She said that she got a lot of progress from television industry and she is working just for TV industry. If people are saying that I am working in movies, so this is absolutely wrong, actress said. This is just a rumor which is spread about her.

Hina has further said that people should confirm about the news, before spreading it. Hina is the best television actress of Pakistan and got a lot of fame in very short time. She has done several dramas and did very natural acting, especially in comedy dramas. Actress has done a wonderful job in her comedy drama “Bulbulay”. This drama is extremely liked by people because of the best performance of Hina.

Hina Dilpazeer has got a lot of fans, her fans like the way she acts, specially the way she walks in her comedy drama “Bulbulay”. Every types of role suit her a lot and she performs well in every types of role. She is very good at acting, no doubt.