Syed JibranSyed Jibran is the best model and actor of Pakistan. He started his career from PTV drama “Aik kahani”; he started his acting career on the bet with his friends. According to the actor he loves his friends and family a lot. Actor did modeling and TV commercial as well. His height and body is quite perfect for modeling but the actor Jibran enjoys acting.

Actor Jibran is good at acting, there is no doubt and he acted well in drama “Mere Charagar”, he appeared in a negative role of Zaryaab in this drama. His performance was extremely liked by the viewers in this drama. Actor like to perform on challenging roles, according to the actors he enjoyed while he worked in drama “Emaan”, he did the role of Maulvi Sahab in this drama.

Actor also performed with the senior actor of Pakistan Nadeem in drama “Jaan Hatheli”, actor said that it was a memorable work, which I did with senior actor Nadeem. Jibran also enjoys working with his all co stars .Actor Jibran is a married man, he has kids as well. According to the actor he got more responsible after marriage. He was born in Jhelum on 14th October 1979.