shehla chatoorThe most famous name in fashion designing is none other than Shehla Chatoor. Shela did her graduation from University of Houston. Designer Shehla is considered to be the best designer of Pakistan from Karachi. She is the most talented designer of Pakistan running her brand “Shehla” in all over the world.

Shehla’s designed are liked not only in Pakistan but also on all over the world. She designs very nice, decent and stylish dresses. Designer designs her dresses according to the season, in summer her designs are quite perfect for summer and in winter she designs her dresses according to the winter. She also chooses very attractive colors for making dress and her dresses are extremely liked by the people.

According to the designer people should wear those dresses, which suit them, whether which are in or out. This is absolutely right that people should wear dresses according to their age and personality. Her designs and dresses are perfect according to the fashion and season. Her designs suit a lot on the models of Pakistan, when they come on the ramp, while wearing her dresses. Designer Shehla gets inspire from so many things like places she travels to, people she meets with, architecture, arts, vintage jewels, and ceramics.