Pakistan Federal Union of JournalistsThe Pakistan Federal union of Journalists (PFUJ) announced its support for Bol Media Network. The union’s president Afzal Butt visited the Bol News office Islamabad. He assured his complete support for the journalists working with Bol TV and lauded Bol Media Network for their focus on valuing the Human Resource. Afzal Butt the president of the union said that he will keep on supporting all the journalists without any discrimination and do whatever he can do for the rights of journalists.

While his visit to Bol Office Islamabad he appreciated Bol Network for increasing the living standard of the journalists. He added that other media houses were also forced to increase the salaries of the journalists which earlier were very low. Bol made the difference even before its launch this gave tough time to other media houses and the pressure at the media houses ultimately resulted in benefit of the journalists.

The president also said that all the journalists working across Pakistan are with their colleagues who are working in Bol Media Group. He added that the journalists working with Bol TV should not get worried of the current situation Axact group is facing. He also requested the Bol Management to launch Bol Newspaper soon as it will help in improving the living standards of the journalists related with Print Media.