Bol_logoBol news has started its test transmission. The official Twitter account of Bol Media announced the launch of test transmission of Bol News. Just two days back The Chairman and CEO Axact and Bol Group announced that they will be launching the transmission of Bol earlier now due to the situation created by the people having enmity with the growing and prospering Axact group and the powerful upcoming Bol Network.

The Chairman himself said that we have been forced to start our transmission early now. On the other hand The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) continued its investigation as interrogation and evidence gathering is still being carried out. Axact group made it clear that they will co-operate with FIA in this regard. Bol earlier was planning to launch the in-house mock transmission in July but the changed plan called for the early start of the test transmission too in order to successfully launch the channel on 1st Ramzan.

The Bol management had made all the arrangements in the preparations to start the test transmission. Bol Media Group the project of Axact group plans to revolutionize the Pakistani Media. After launching Bol News they are planning to launch other channels too which includes Bol Entertainment and in the longer run Bol Print and Bol Radio are also on the list.

Bol Network hasn’t launched Live Streaming but it may start in upcoming days. Here are Frequency details of Bol News.

Bol News Frequency