Thousands of Pakistani performs Hajj every year. This year celebrities also went to perform Hajj like previous years.

Waseem Badami who hosts 11th hour on ARY News has went to perform Hajj with her mother

Model and Beauty salon owner Nadia Hussain with her husband

Drama actor Dua Malik (Humaima Malik’s sister) with her husband

labaik allah huma labaik

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This year most Hajis have come from Indonesia approximately  221,000. Pakistan is on second in the list and around 179,000. 170,000Hajis have come from India.

Bangladesh – 127,000+

Egypt – 108,000+

Iran – 86,000+

Turkey – 79,000+

Nigeria – 79,000+

Algeria – 36,000+

Morocco – 31,000+

Russia – 22,000+

China – 11,800+