Ali Azmat Facebook page asked a questions to it’s fans that: Who wants to see South Asia’s biggest Band ‘Junoon’ reunite this Year? Team Ali Azmat !!!

Many fans answered on this post. some interesting comments are mentioned below:

Never thought i would read something like this in my life!! That would be amazing! Gift of the century to all the die hard fans! Ali bhai,agar aisa ho toh kitna acha ho ☺ feeling so emotional already!
I should have started listening to junoon music(again)much sooner! I can’t believe it. Recently I have been listening to your junoon era songs so much. Every day, night, evenings. And I wished in my heart every time, that kaash junoon kabhi phir se unite ho jaye..
I am in disbelief! But so thrilled. Ali bhai,you, Salman and Brian together are unbeatable. Its pure nostalgia for me just reading this news. Its just that I may not be here no more to witness the mega union. I need some miracle to survive what I am facing.
Love u Ali bhai. May all your tensions and worries turn into joy and happiness. With best wishes and success to you on every path,
Your die hard fan- A.B

Bro stop playing with our emotions! You know we have been wanting a reunion tour and album for the last 10 years!

I hope your account isn’t hacked and it’s not a joke

Junoon Re-Union is like the Re-Union of Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Axle Rose and Guns n’ Roses for Me..!!


By the way Junoon is still there in Ali Azmat.. Only difference is that he just performs with other guitarists. But reunion is the only way to stop salman from killing Junooni songs.

Fans from India, Canada and USA also in action

Please reunite. I request you from India. Junoon  Azzadi album changed my life. Before that album I was not into music. As a teenager Junoon was a part of life like many guys in Asia. In today’s chaotic world definitely some new songs from Junoon will be soothing for the soul.

I’m flying from Canada for this, announce the dates soon please!!!

Ali Azmat Sir you guys should do a tour of the world… please do come to Houston … no one in Pakistan has even touched the rock music ground like y’all have .. looking forward to this amazing reuniting … Rock On !!!

I have been die hard fan of Junoon since years. I started realizing it few years back that how amazing Junoon was. I still listen Junoon music most of times and every time it gives goosebumps. I remember, my Indian colleagues were also big fan of Junoon. I used to say them, I wish this band could reunite at least once before I die and I could see them performing. But now somehow I feel, this Junoon will not be the same Junoon. I don’t want their legacy die after their reunion.

Coke Studio or Pepsi Battle of the Bands scene?

So, Coke Studio’s flagship is being offered to Junoon?

Please do it, in the final of pepsi battle of the bands when i saw e.p together i wished for junoon reunion i guess its the wish come true

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