Ishtiaq AhmedAuthor of popular “Inspector Jamshed” series and renowned novel writer Ishtiaq Ahmed has passed away. Ishtiaq Ahmed has died due to heart attack in Karachi. According to the media reports, Ishtiaq Ahmed was present at the airport for returning back to his home in Jhang, after attending book fair in Karachi. At the airport, he had suddenly faced heart attack due to which he didn’t survived and passed away. He came to Karachi for attending literary event regarding his novels and also attended Karachi International Book Fair in Expo Center. During his visit, Ishtiaq Ahmed met renowned personalities and received so much appreciation for his novels.

Writer Ishtiaq Ahmed was born in a poor family of Indian State of Panipat and migrated to Pakistan with his whole family after independence. His whole family settled in Pakistani city Jhang after independence. His first story was published in 1960, in weekly Qandeel with the title “Chota Qad”. His first novel was “Packet Ka Raaz”, which was actually a romantic novel and he had received 50 rupees as compensation.

Ishtiaq Ahmed was popular in both the children and adults and he had written thousands of novels and stories during his life. Total number of novels written by him are more than 800. Ishtiaq Ahmed has died at the age of 71 years but he will remain in the heart of his fans for many decades.