nida mirza newscasterMedia industry is a tough field. It has a lot of challenges. The challenges keeps on coming at you, to dodge them, you must have it all. In this industry everyone awaits for you to make a mistake and then take your position. The reason is that everyone wants to get a breakthrough in this field.

To stay as a long runner, a person has to be like Nida Mirza. She is an evergreen person who is packed with unlimited qualities. She is a well-known journalist, news anchor and a news researcher. She is enlisted as one of the most experienced news anchor of Pakistan.

Nida Mirza is of Karachi, Sindh. She always wanted to get a chance to work in the media industry. She is not very socially active except her job. She does not disclose too much information about herself. She also does not use any social networking websites unlike other newscasters who use them.

Nida Mirza currently works at Aaj News. She has been affiliated with the Aaj TV Network since the beginning. She is one of the first recruits by Aaj TV during their early days. She joined Aaj TV on 2005 when the channel was about to launch. Since then she has worked there with great passion.